Widespread Ranch
Widespread Ranch Brand

DH Make A Wish

Photo Date: 10/21/2008
D.O.B.: 06/04/2004
55.75 Tip-to-Tip
on 11/20/2010


Exposed To:
WS Amazon

I tried to buy this cow as a heifer from Dale Hunt, and was able to get her from Bill Hudson at his sale. I think with all the twist she has when I put WS Amazon in it will explode.

        Texas Ranger JP
{ Ranger's Ranch Hand {
DH Red Ranger    
Watson 83
  Miss Dixie Watson 269 {
Watson 187
{ Dixie Creole {
Delta Ellie
SR Starlight    
Measles' Super Ranger
  MSBARM Superwright 174/4 {
KO Classic's Miss Wright

Calving History

WS Curly Sue
WS Curly Sue
DOB 12/11/2008