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WS Stardom

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D.O.B.: 09/22/2009
65.25 Tip-to-Tip
on 06/04/2012


Twelve 70"TtT ancestors. Out of them two are over 80"TtT, one more broke the tip of her horn or she would also be over 80"TtT, and I'll bet three more will be over 80"TtT. Not all bulls with 80" horns can produce 80" offspring, but I'll take that much consistency and put it to work.

        Headliner FF248
{ Starliner {
Tejas Star    
Dixie Top Deck
  Delta Van Horne {
Delta Vixen
J.R. Grand Slam
{ JP Rio Grande {
TX W Lucky Lady
WS Spectrum    
Julio's Thunder
  WS Rainbow {


WS Star Gazer
WS Star Gazer
DOB 09/26/2012
WS Stardom X Watson 649
WS Stardom X Watson 649
DOB 04/13/2013
WS Superior Star
WS Superior Star
DOB 04/21/2013
WS Star Edition
WS Star Edition
DOB 04/28/2013